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Introducing EcoSwing.

"Energy Cost Optimization using Superconducting Wind Generators."

About the project

Superconductors clearly have the potential to be a key enabling technology of the 21st century. Now the technology has matured sufficiently to go one step further to a relevant demonstration in the field of renewables.

EcoSwing aims at nothing less than world's first superconducting low-cost, lightweight drive-train demonstrated on a large-scale modern wind turbine.

The EcoSwing consortium

9 partners from 5 countries - all working for a common goal!

EcoSwing is led by an end-user. It represents a wholly integrated supply chain from materials to the end-user.

Further, the consortium has one dedicated engineering company to address superconductor engineering; a university with vast background in cryogenics and applied superconductivity; a large-scale test centre, and a certification body.

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