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Making sport more sustainable: eco-friendly sports awards

The world needs to be cleaner, most people agree. The sports world also needs to start becoming more sustainable. Reducing the ecological footprint can be done in several ways but in this article we will focus on one specific part. The development of eco-friendly sports awards. There has been considerable progress on this in recent years!

How are sports awards traditionally made?

To understand the importance of eco-friendly sports awards, it is first important to know how most sports awards are traditionally manufactured. Many trophies and medals are made of metal, plastic and glass. In themselves sustainable materials but the environmental impact is often in the production and the raw materials required to do so. Fortunately, more and more eco-friendly alternatives are coming onto the market.

Possibilities for eco-friendly sports awards

Eco-friendly sports awards can also be produced in different ways. Methods that reduce the ecological footprint and ensure that fewer raw materials are needed. Without compromising on quality, of course.

Sports awards made from recycled material

Increasingly, sports awards are made of recycled material. Think old steel or aluminium. Old sports awards are also recycled to make new medals, cups or awards. Reusing old sports awards and other raw materials gives already existing materials more value.

Biodegradable sports awards

Another way to produce in a more environmentally conscious way is to use biodegradable materials. Think of materials such as wood, bamboo and modern, plant-based plastics. Renewable materials that break down naturally, without harming the environment. These materials are at the basis of a circular economy and the sports world can also contribute in this way!

Innovative new production techniques

Traditional production methods often waste a lot of material and consume a lot of energy. Thanks to modern materials like composite and techniques like 3D printing, the most beautiful sports awards can be made, while at the same time using less energy and wasting less material.

Improvements in transport and packaging

Not only the sports awards themselves can be produced more sustainably, there is also much to be gained in packaging and transport. Reducing packaging materials, degradable packaging and reducing transport distances are some examples of ways to make this process more sustainable.

The impact of sustainability in the sports world

To some people, it may seem like the above measures are nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But don’t forget that sports are popular and attract many visitors. By highlighting this with sustainable sports awards, the industry helps raise awareness among large groups of people.

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