Sustainable travel: A Charging Trip to France with your EV and the Crucial Type 3 Charging Cable

Travelling is always an adventure, but when you choose the route to France with your electric vehicle (EV), you add an extra dimension of excitement – and a bit of planning – to your journey. The main player alongside your EV? The Type 3 charging cable. This cable is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Here’s what you need to know.

On holiday with EV to France and the Type 3 charging cable

France has a well-developed network of charging stations, making it an excellent destination for electric driving. However, without the right charging cable, your adventure can quickly turn into a challenge. The Type 3 charging cable is the key here.

The Power of the Type 3 Charging Cable

Designed specifically for the French market, the Type 3 charging cable is particularly suitable for public charging stations in the country. With its secure connection and the capacity to charge up to 22 kW, it is your gateway to an effortless, electric journey across France.

Why you Need a Type 3 Charging Cable

This type of cable is particularly relevant in France, as the French government has stipulated that all public charging stations must be equipped with a Type 3 connection. This means that without this cable, your EV cannot be charged in many places. To avoid inconveniences, it is therefore advisable to always carry a Type 3 charging cable with you when driving through France.

Route Planning: Optimising your charging stops

Good planning can make the difference between a relaxing and a stressful trip. Apps such as ‘Chargemap’ or ‘PlugShare’ allow you to locate charging stations along your route in advance and plan your stops accordingly. In addition, you can find information on the availability of Type 3 charging stations so you never run out of energy.

Life at the Charging Station: Tips for While Charging

Charging your EV doesn’t have to be a waste of time. While charging, you can enjoy a break at a local cafĂ©, visit a nearby attraction or simply enjoy the French countryside. It is also the perfect time to check that your Type 3 cable is in good condition and ready for the next charge.

A trip to France with your EV can be an unforgettable experience. With a little planning, the right charging cable and an adventurous spirit, you’ll be ready to explore French roads. So pack your Type 3 charging cable, plot your route and get ready for an electric adventure like no other!

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