On the Experience of EcoSwing Operation

The EcoSwing superconducting generator is now grid connected and supplying power on a regular basis. First households in Denmark can claim "Powered by Superconductivity". The superconductive generator technology has proven able to operate in a 3 MW Direct Drive wind turbine with all the real impacts present in a wind turbine operational environment.

Jesper Hansen of Envision Energy sums it up in his concise manner "The generator is working as expected". This 5th in series video clip will give you an update into the state of this exciting project.

EcoSwing is the Drivetrain of the Year 2018. Gold Medal from Windpower Monthly

This year's Turbine of the Year Award in the Drivetrain Category went to EcoSwing. To be precise we got the GOLD MEDAL! This is truly fantastic!

EcoSwing has been bestowed by the well-known trade journal Windpower Monthly. Eize de Vries highlighted the journal's motivation in "vastly reduced material usage has contributed to making superconducting technology competitive with conventional electric machines". According to Windpower Monthly this fits well to the sector trend of higher rated turbines and changing grid demands.

As we see it—there is little to add.

Windpower Monthly is the leading news magazine of the international wind energy business, publishing non-stop since 1985. You can read the entire article on the web site of  Windpower Monthly.

Worlds first superconducting wind turbine on grid and producing power

After the successful installation of the EcoSwing generator in Thyborøn, the project has progressed further. Now commissioning has advanced to a level where this compact and lightweight generator is grid connected and producing power.

The EcoSwing project has had its "Kitty Hawk Moment" at 14:00h on 6 December 2018 when Envision's direct drive turbine produced net power to the grid. Soon thereafter the engineers could ramp the EcoSwing to 1 MW and beyond.

Thus EcoSwing claims the title as world's first wind turbine with a grid connected superconducting generator. Test and verification is in progress to capture new knowledge on operation with superconductive technology.

Permanent Magnet Out – Superconductor In

The EcoSwing consortium has taken the new compact and lightweight electric generator to its test site in Thyborøn. At the GC-1 turbine the previously installed permanent magnet generator and the superconducting device swapped places. Jesper Hansen of Envision Energy commented "In the wind turbine we can prove that this technology is ready and it is mature. This will push the thinking around how to make electrical machines into new directions.". This 4th in series video clip will give you an insight into the state of this exciting project.

EU Breakthrough in Superconductive Wind Power

EcoSwing progress receives worldwide appreciation. That is great! In fact, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology calls EcoSwing a breakthrough in superconductive wind power. For those fluent in Chinese, this article is a good summary of the approach and progress in EcoSwing.

Read the article on its original  MOST's web site..

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