Big Rotor on a Diet...

...this is what science reporter Frank Grotelüschen commented on the EcoSwing generator when he did a series of interviews for the Deutsche Welle (DW). DW is Germany's public international broadcaster with service is available in 30 languages.

"Higher, bigger and more power. Wind turbines have become so big and heavy that transport and installationare becoming increasingly difficult. The solution: significantly lighter and compact generators using high temperature superconductors. An EU project is creating the world's first superconducting wind turbine".

This is his take away after he had interviewed our project partners Werner Prusseit (THEVA), Jesper Hansen (Envision), and Jan Wenske (IWES)

Retrieve the entire DW article  here. Clicking on the bottom right hand side of the picture embedded into the article leads you to the original audio. Have fun listening!

Also you might be interested in a press release by Fraunhofer IWES. Our project partner Hans Kyling reports on the results of the ground-based testing.

Retrieve this press release  here. Here you can easily switch language between English and German, and you can view some hi-res pictures from the testing.

EcoSwing Reports "Testing Complete"

Bremerhaven, May 22, 2018 - The ground-based tests at IWES are complete and lots of testing data were evaluated. The experts at Fraunhofer IWES confirm that the EcoSwing concept showed good results along with good functionality of the overall DyNaLab integration. A first opportunity into detailed test results is the 9th Meeting Session of the Association of German Engineers (VDI), see below for details.

"As a world's first, we stepped up in applying superconducting technology with the ambitious project EcoSwing. In order to reduce uncertainties, new technology needs testing under realistic conditions. IWES' DyNaLab provided the opportunity to test under definable conditions and gain reliable results," says Jesper Hansen, Senior Project Manager at Envision Energy. So, big thanks to all the people that worked very long hours at IWES to make this campaign a success!

After a final pit-stop at UTwente and in Bremerhaven for finishing assembly, the EcoSwing generator is ready for turbine integration. The project partners are now looking forward to the field campaign with a 3.6 MW test turbine from Envision in Denmark. The generator with a diameter of just 4 m will be transported there by ship.

EcoSwing at the 9th Meeting Session of the Association of German Engineers (VDI)

Bremen, June 12-13, 2018 - Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) (English: Association of German Engineers) is an organization with over 150,000 engineers and natural scientists. Established in 1856, the VDI is today the largest engineering association in Western Europe. The association promotes the advancement of technology and represents the interests of engineers and of engineering businesses in Germany.

Certainly, the VDI takes an active role in the wind industry. In a two-days session from June 12 to June 13 three conferences take place under one roof. They will be covering mostly mechanical aspects from blades, over oscillations,to tower and foundations. Since the lowered top-head-mass enabled by superconductors has important benefits in this area, the EcoSwing has been invited to present on status and advancements.

Dr. Jürgen Kellers, ECO 5 GmbH, Bonn, and Dipl.-Ing. Hans Kyling,Fraunhofer IWES, Bremerhaven will deliver a plenary talk on Superconductors as a Cost Cutting Measure for Wind Turbines.

In a nutshell:

  • German Title: 9. VDI-Fachtagung Schwingungen von Windenergieanlagen
  • Date and Location: 12. - 13. Juni 2018. Swissôtel Bremen
  • Meeting language is German
  • Contact the organizer at the link below to get more information, and to book a space.

Get more information  here. See you in Bremen!

EcoSwing - Progressing on the Assembly of World's First Superconducting Generator for Wind Turbine Applications

The EcoSwing consortium is publishing a series of video clips to show ambitions and results. In our second video you will find an update on the assembly of what is to become world's first superconducting generator on a wind turbine. It is really exciting to see things coming together!

Wind Europe

Amsterdam, November 29, 2017 - As the wind industry continues its unprecedented growth, join over 8,000 participants this November for the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition in the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. WIND EUROPE will be held at Amsterdam's RAI Centre.

This is certainly a jour-fixe of the wind industry. Please join a topical session on Onshore Wind Industry: Where do we go next?

Offshore wind turbines will soon be exceeding 10MW in order to lower LCOE. But how can onshore reach the same level facing the dual challenge of more restrictions (noise, transportation, etc.) and less wind resources being available? New turbine architectures, advanced materials and production processes at lowest possible costs are needed in order to keep up with the market demand. What technological innovations can support such market development? What improvements in turbine components can help to optimize the complete value chain?

Delegates will:

  • analyze the current trends in onshore technology from a key player in business intelligence
  • assess the potential of a lightweight superconducting drivetrain developed in a joint European project
  • realize how new materials allow to reduce wind turbine loads
  • reflect on the possible benefits of taller wind turbine towers.

At this session   Jesper Hansen (Envision Energy, Denmark) .is invited to present on “Towards the First Installation of a Direct Drive Superconducting Generator on a Commercial Wind Turbine” . Follow the embedded link to see Jesper's bio and details of his presentation. We will update the link once the foils are publicly available.

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