EcoSwing Reports "Testing Complete"

Bremerhaven, May 22, 2018 - The ground-based tests at IWES are complete and lots of testing data were evaluated. The experts at Fraunhofer IWES confirm that the EcoSwing concept showed good results along with good functionality of the overall DyNaLab integration. A first opportunity into detailed test results is the 9th Meeting Session of the Association of German Engineers (VDI), see below for details.

"As a world's first, we stepped up in applying superconducting technology with the ambitious project EcoSwing. In order to reduce uncertainties, new technology needs testing under realistic conditions. IWES' DyNaLab provided the opportunity to test under definable conditions and gain reliable results," says Jesper Hansen, Senior Project Manager at Envision Energy. So, big thanks to all the people that worked very long hours at IWES to make this campaign a success!

After a final pit-stop at UTwente and in Bremerhaven for finishing assembly, the EcoSwing generator is ready for turbine integration. The project partners are now looking forward to the field campaign with a 3.6 MW test turbine from Envision in Denmark. The generator with a diameter of just 4 m will be transported there by ship.