Big Rotor on a Diet...

...this is what science reporter Frank Grotelüschen commented on the EcoSwing generator when he did a series of interviews for the Deutsche Welle (DW). DW is Germany's public international broadcaster with service is available in 30 languages.

"Higher, bigger and more power. Wind turbines have become so big and heavy that transport and installationare becoming increasingly difficult. The solution: significantly lighter and compact generators using high temperature superconductors. An EU project is creating the world's first superconducting wind turbine".

This is his take away after he had interviewed our project partners Werner Prusseit (THEVA), Jesper Hansen (Envision), and Jan Wenske (IWES)

Retrieve the entire DW article  here. Clicking on the bottom right hand side of the picture embedded into the article leads you to the original audio. Have fun listening!

Also you might be interested in a press release by Fraunhofer IWES. Our project partner Hans Kyling reports on the results of the ground-based testing.

Retrieve this press release  here. Here you can easily switch language between English and German, and you can view some hi-res pictures from the testing.